Sondra posing for Budtender Picks: january 2024

Budtender Picks: January 2024

Sondra posing for Budtender Picks: january 2024

Posted on January 17th, 2024 to Products


With so many great cannabis products coming in and out of the shop every day, we thought we should take some time to tell our customers & patients about some of our favorites. This month we’re featuring budtender picks Kia, Gavin, Samantha, and Sondra, plus some selections by our manager, Michelle, and one pick from myself.


Flower Picks

Of course we gotta start with our flower picks for the month. We’re fortunate to be carrying some of the best buds in the state, and we make sure everything stays fresh by keeping limited stock on hand and having frequent re-ups. Here are some of our favorite strains of flower for starting 2024 off on the right note.

Flower budtender picks

Kia’s Pick: Durban by Calyx & Trichome

Eons before California breeders crossed the hypiest strain with the second hypiest strain for 20 years straight and basically homogenized the global cannabis supply, old school growers sought out the original landrace cultivars from all over the world. Durban (also known as Durban Poison) is a cerebral and invigorating landrace sativa that originated in South Africa.

“It’s hard to find landrace strains in this area, let alone true sativa options,” says Kia, “and Calyx delivers on both with the Durban.” A tried and true strain that has been enjoyed by sativa fans for decades, Durban by Calyx & Trichome is Kia’s go-to choice any time she doesn’t need an indica.


Sondra’s Pick: Tangerine Borealis by Svin Garden

If you’re looking for the perfect way to end your day, Sondra suggests that you give Tangerine Borealis a try. Pairing the classic Amsterdam staple of Northern Lights along with London Pound Cake—a modern favorite that was bred by Cookies—this heavy indica strain has a very relaxing effect along with a great taste.

“You can really feel the Northern Lights cross come through with the London Pound Cake.”


Michelle’s Pick: Blueberry by Constellation Cannabis

Continuing our trend of seeking out the classic strains, Michelle recommends Blueberry by Constellation Cannabis for its “relaxing without being too sleepy” effect that’s perfect for an evening smoke. Another old favorite that quickly gained popularity during Amsterdam’s golden years, Blueberry is famous for its unmistakable sweet flavor.

“[It has an] amazing flavor profile,” says Michelle, “with deep stone fruit notes and a hint of pine.” If you’ve never had the pleasure of smoking Blueberry, please do yourself a favor and bring some home this week.


Infused Preroll Picks

210 Cannabis Co may be the home of $2.10 prerolls, but we still have tons of other great options when it comes to joints. Here are a few of our favorites so far this year.

Preroll budtender picks

Sondra’s Pick: Key Bump Infused Preroll by Ooowee

If you’re the type of Sativa Diva who finds themselves repeating, “I just don’t wanna be tired,” when you’re talking to budtenders, then clearly a strain called Key Bump is just what you need. Described as being a “very energetic and uplifting infused sativa joint,” Key Bump is Sondra’s favorite for enjoying a sunny day with friends (which we may not have too many sunny days in the immediate future, but I’m sure that Key Bump would be a good choice for doing household chores too).


Michelle’s Pick: Infused Preroll Packs by Redbird

The only thing that’s better than having an infused preroll is having five infused prerolls (maybe not all at once though). Infused preroll packs by Redbird come highly recommended by Michelle because they’re a great value for the price ($30 for a 5-pack). Featuring aeroponically grown strains like Bubba Smash and Liberty Haze, Redbird’s infused joints have a “smooth burn and an easy light tip,” plus they “burn with white ash and pack a punch.”


Samantha’s Pick: Rosin Rolos by Constellation Cannabis

When asked for her preroll pick, Samantha responded, “Rosin rolos all day long. They are about all I smoke in prerolls.”

The hottest trend for making your own infused prerolls is to roll a “hash hole,” and Constellation Cannabis is doing the work for us with their new Rosin Rolos. Hash holes are joints that are rolled with a hash rosin core. Of the flavor combinations we have available, Samantha prefers the ones made with Kosher Cookies rosin because, “it tastes a tad more neutral and lets the flower flavor shine through a bit better.”


Concentrate Picks

Dabs may not be everyone’s cup of tea, though we pride ourselves on being a destination for cannabis concentrates. Here are some of our favorite rosin picks.

Ramsey’s Pick: Huckleberry Milkshake Rosin by Pacific & Pine

Every so often we’ll get a product that’s so good that I won’t tell anyone about it, just so I can enjoy it all myself. It’s very selfish of me, and I’d like to apologize for holding out on my esteemed colleagues and clientele. My favorite concentrate this year has been Huckleberry Milkshake rosin by Pacific & Pine, partially because it’s a good value for the quality, but mostly because it has a supremely stony and calming effect that’s hard to come by in dab form. I genuinely wasn’t able to form coherent sentences last night.

In terms of flavor, Huckleberry Milkshake has a sweet taste with an earthy undertone and notes of pine. If you’re planning to stay in for the rest of the night, this is what you ought to be dabbing.


Samantha’s Pick: Fruit Jelly Rosin by Eagle Trees

One of our resident concentrate aficionados, Samantha has been digging Fruit Jelly rosin from Eagle Trees because it “strikes a good balance of delicious taste and heavy high.” She describes the flavor as being “super tart, grape, with a little bit of lime or citrus in there.”

If you’re looking for a change from some of our more funky, gassy, or spicy strains, consider giving Fruit Jelly a try.


Sondra’s Pick: Pineapple Burst Rosin by Constellation Cannabis

If you want your dabs to be as functional as they are flavorful, listen to Sondra and try Pineapple Burst rosin because it’s “sooo tasty!” Originally bred by SeedJunky Genetics, Pineapple Burst is a euphoric sativa hybrid that was produced by crossing Pineapple Fruz with Kush Mintz.

Sondra loves that the pineapple flavor really comes through, and the fact that “it is such a smooth dab with a nice high” that’s not too heavy so she’s still able to function.


Edible & Drink Picks

We all know that smoking and dabbing can lead to cottonmouth or getting the munchies, and sometimes we want our drinks and snacks to have a little something special too.

Gavin’s Pick: Tropical Shot by Journeyman

“Ever wanna get high in the basement with Eric, Donna, Kelso, Hyde and Jackie? If so this edible is for you packs a nice couch heavy giggly high that leaves you wanting to talk about government secrets and eat peanut butter out of the jar!”

Clearly Gavin is the guy you want in your smoking circle. Not sure why he chose to leave Fez out of the equation, as I’m sure he would be really fun to get stoned with. Anyway, if you’re looking for a classic, nostalgic high that will make you gab about your favorite conspiracy theories—like the secret base on the back of the moon! Anyone??—be sure to give Journeyman shots a try.


Kia’s Pick: Wildside Sour Green Apple CBG Shots by Green Revolution

When asked for her edible pick, Kia cheerfully responded “WildSide Green Apple CBG shooters all day, man.” These sweet & sour shots have equal parts of CBG and THC, and if you’re less familiar with CBG, Kia describes it as being able to “getcha through the seasonal emotional blanket we all love to wear.”

She says Green Revolution’s CBG shot is “the ultimate pick-me up,” even going as far as to say it’s “better than a sativa joint each and every time.” Plus the nano-emulsification makes it so you feel the effects quickly. If you’re the type of consumer who takes 50mg to 100mg doses, get some CBG in your system and take a walk on the wild side with Kia’s edible pick for the month.


Michelle’s Pick: Dual Flavor Gummies by Swifts

If solid edibles are more of your speed, Michelle suggests that you try Swifts’ line of gummies, available in dual flavor combinations like peach & watermelon or cherry & black raspberry. Michelle finds that “they feel a bit stronger than other 10mg gummies,” and also enjoys their smooth gummy texture. Swifts gummies are a great option for consumers & patients who don’t like the taste of cannabis in their edibles.


Vape Cartridge & Disposable Picks

Whether you’re out and running errands, or being sneaky at a judgmental relative’s house, there are plenty of reasons why vape cartridges & disposables are attractive options for a discreet pothead on the move.

Samantha’s Pick: Live Resin Disposables by Gabriel

If you’re looking for a quality vape, Samantha suggests you consider live resin disposables by Gabriel. She was quite pleased overall: “the hit is really nice and it has been very reliable.” One drawback is that Gabriel’s batteries use micro-USB instead of USB-C, but if you have no idea what that means then you probably have nothing to worry about.


Michelle’s Pick: Live Resin Cartridges by Lifted Cannabis

For those who prefer cartridges to disposable vapes, Michelle recommends live resin cartridges by Lifted Cannabis because they have “great pull with a ceramic core so the hit never tastes burnt.” She enjoys the flavor of Lifted’s live resin, saying “it tastes similar to smoking the strain without the burning of the terpenes like hitting a bowl.” For full flavor and a long lasting, clear headed high, Lifted’s live resin cartridges are the way to go.


Sondra’s Pick: AK-47 Live Resin Cartridges by Full Spec

Another tried and true Dutch hybrid, the AK-47 Live Resin Cartridge by Full Spec is Sondra’s pick for anyone seeking a great sativa cartridge. A legendary cross of landrace Columbian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani genetics, Full Spec’s AK-47 live resin cartridge is an excellent choice for anyone seeking great flavor and a “very stony but happy feeling.”


Topical Picks

Up to this point all of the budtender picks were for ingestible or inhalable products, but of course that is not the only way we like to consume cannabis. Topicals provide fast and effective relief for any aches or tension in your muscles, and these are some of our favorites.

Gavin’s Pick: Flow Warming Stick by Fairwinds

If you’re feeling sore or tense, Gavin recommends you try the Flow Warming Stick by Fairwinds. Containing a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, the Flow Warming Stick also features an equal proportion of CBG that “packs an extra punch that works with the warming effect for great tension release on any soreness or inflammation.” One of the polarizing aspects of topicals is the scent, and part of the reason Gavin is a fan of Farwinds’ warming stick is because “the smell doesn’t have any of that heavy weed or menthol to it, which is nice for subtlety.”


Sondra’s Pick: XTRA Strength Dragon Balm by Ceres

If you’ve never had Ceres’ famous Dragon Balm or XTRA Strength Dragon Balm, take Sondra’s advice and “literally just try it.” Packed with 1,000 milligrams of CBD and just enough THC to be legally sold in a dispensary, Sondra and many of our customers are big fans of Dragon Balm because it makes it so “any pains or muscle aches are gone so quickly.” Most of us enjoy the smell too!


Samantha’s Pick: Rectify Suppositories by Fairwinds

Rear: the final frontier. It’s 2024 and most of us still haven’t tried cannabis suppositories, but ever-adventurous Samantha boldly goes where few stoners have gone before, enthusiastically recommending Rectify suppositories by Fairwinds. Well aware that its use is not technically topical, Samantha figured “no one else will ever wanna feature this product and I do!!!”

When asked what she likes about Rectify, Samantha said “it’s amazing for digestive relief, easy to take, and affordable. It also works AMAZINGLY for [intimacy] prep. It is a very warm, relaxing feeling throughout your core that works really well with other intimate activities.” I’m not sure about you, but that description definitely peaked my curiosity. I do have some follow-up questions for her, but we’re gonna have to save those for another blog. If you’re looking for profound relief on top of an exciting new experience, Rectify Suppositories by Fairwinds might be just what you need.


Thank you for taking the time to read about some of our favorite products at 210 Cannabis Co this month. Because our supply is in constant flux, it’s possible and probable that some of these products are not currently available at the time you read this article. If that’s the case, please feel free to come by and ask our budtenders what they recommend as a substitution, or they can even let you know when we expect that product to be back in stock.


About the Author

Ramsey Doudar has continuously worked in Washington’s cannabis industry for over 10 years, holding various positions that ranged from marketing strategist to inventory manager. He serves as the Marketing & Communications Coordinator for 210 Cannabis Co, and is also the founding member of a cannabis consumer advocacy group.

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