February Budtender Picks Noni

Budtender Picks: February 2024

February Budtender Picks Noni

Posted on February 13th, 2024 to Products


It’s February and love is in the air (and as it turns out, love smells a lot like terps). Per usual, we have so many top notch products we’d like to share with our customers and patients, and here are some of our top budtender picks for the month.


Flower Budtender Picks

You know we gotta start with our favorite buds. Here are some of our flower picks this month.

February 2024 Flower Picks

Noni’s Pick: Boysenberry Truffles by Lifted Cannabis

Describing the strain as “sweet, fruity, and almost as good as real dessert,” Noni’s flower pick for February is a cross of two of our favorite strains by Lifted Cannabis: Boysenberry Creme Brulee and White Truffle. Though classified on our menu as a hybrid, the effect is very chill and borders on sedative, so we recommend saving this one for an evening smoke with someone special.


Josh’s Pick: Purple Ripple by Plaid Jacket

This month we brought on Plaid Jacket as our newest brand partner, and the response from our staff has been tremendous! Our first Plaid Jacket pick for this month comes from Josh, who’s enjoying Purple Ripple for its “sweet and fruity taste, reminiscent of berries and grapes, which is complemented by subtle earthy undertones.” Describing the strain as having a “deep body effect with a euphoric kick,” Purple Ripple is a cross of Zkittle Cake and a strain called Devil Driver (Melonade x Sundae Driver) that Josh finds to be “perfect for winding down after a long day.”


Sondra’s Pick: Singapore Sling by Plaid Jacket

Another pick from our newest vendor, the Singapore Sling by Plaid Jacket is a sativa forward strain that Sondra enthusiastically recommends. Containing genetics from Creamsicle and Tiki Cookies, Sondra loves this giggly strain for its unique terpene profile, and cheerfully describes it as “serotonin in a jar.”


Concentrate Budtender Picks

We’re big fans of hash rosin here at 210 Cannabis Co., and we pride ourselves on having an excellent selection of high quality solventless concentrates. Here are some of our favorite dabs this February.

February 2024 Concentrate Picks

Samantha’s Pick: Tropic Sin Rosin by Select Cannabis Company

When asked which cannabis products make the best aphrodisiacs, Samantha came through and recommended a strain that could just as easily be the name of a strip club: Tropic Sin. Believed to be a cross of Dulce de Uva and Guava Cooler, Samantha describes the flavor as being, “super sweet dank, with little bit of rotten fruit in there.”


Sondra’s Pick: Blueberry Muffin Rosin by Pacific & Pine

Boasting a super sweet flavor that “tastes like fresh blueberries,” Sondra’s dab pick for the month is Blueberry Muffin rosin by Pacific and Pine. Aside from the sweet flavor and the soothing high, she also praises Blueberry Muffin for its great consistency. Blueberry Muffin contains genetics from Purple Panty Dropper and Blueberry.


Noni’s Pick: Tally Mon Rosin by Select Cannabis Company

When daylight come and you wan’ go home, you’re gonna want some Tally Mon in your life. This aptly named strain is a cross of (Banana OG x Do-Si-Dos) x Papaya and has a tropical fruit flavor that will put a smile on your face as it bathes you into a sea of tranquility. For “terpey gooey goodness at a price you can’t beat,” heed Noni’s advice and pick up some Tally Mon rosin by Select Cannabis Company.


Infused Preroll Budtender Picks

210 Cannabis Co. may be the home of $2.10 prerolls, but we still have so many other great options when it comes to joints. Here are a few of our favorites.

February 2024 Infused Preroll Picks

Sondra’s Pick: Dark Rainbow Infused Prerolls by Fire Bros

Dark Rainbow? That was my nickname in college. And incidentally it’s also Sondra’s preroll pick for February. Sold as two half-gram joints, Sondra likes Dark Rainbow because “it has a great taste profile and is a very heavy hitter.” Dark Rainbow is a cross of GMO and Rainbow Belts.


Noni’s Pick: Mr. Bad Triple Infused Prerolls by Ooowee

Described as being a “hard hitting, smooth talker just like the name,” Mr. Bad infused prerolls by Ooowee are Noni’s favorite joints this month. Mr. Bad is not a strain in itself, but rather a catchy name for this particular blend of Gary Payton and Pink Zaza. Be careful though, as Noni says these prerolls “will have you wanting to be bad too!”


Samantha’s Pick: Boysenberry Truffles Sugar Stix by Lifted Cannabis

Making its second appearance on this month’s list, Boysenberry Truffles Sugar Stix by Lifted Cannabis come recommended by Samantha for their “smooth burn” and their “strong but relaxing smoke.” Sugar Stix, if you haven’t experienced them before, are infused prerolls that are caked with THCA crystals that hit like a freight train. While Noni’s experience of Boysenberry Truffles is that it’s sweet and fruity, Samantha observes that it also has nice gassy notes to it.


Disposable Vapes & Cartridge Budtender Picks

We’re all busy adults with places to go and people to see, and thankfully we have lots of options for taking our vapor to go. Here are our favorite cartridges and disposables this month.


Noni’s Pick: Distillate Disposables by Hellavated

If you’re a sneaky stoner, pick up a one gram distillate disposable by Hellavated and keep it sweet & discreet. Noni is a fan of Hellavated disposables because they’re “sweet, convenient, and have sleek black sneaky design.”


Samantha’s Pick: Oishii Disposable by Fire Bros

Translating to “delicious” in Japanese, Oishii is a cross of Flavor Pack and Moonbow 112 that Samantha describes as having “an amazing body high.” She goes on to say that “the flavor and smoke are all top notch, but then the hit sends tingles down your spine.” If you’re in the market for a unique and spine tingling hybrid disposable with a great flavor, be sure to give Fire Bros’ Oishii a try. Samantha also recommends Oishii in flower form.


Sondra’s Pick: Emergency #9 Live Resin Disposable by Plaid Jacket

For those who enjoy a glass of orange juice with their breakfast, Emergency #9 is a perfect wake & bake strain to start your day. Featuring an intense citrus flavor, Sondra describes Emergency #9 as a “very motivating sativa strain” which makes her feel “energized and able to get lots done.”


Edible & Drink Budtender Picks

Cannabis edibles and infused beverages have come a long way over the last 5 years or so. We still love gummies & chocolates, but these days we can’t get enough of liquids and sorbets. Here are some of our edible and beverage picks for February.


Samantha’s Pick: Moonshots by Constellation Cannabis

Packing 100mg of THC into a teeny little 1.7oz bottle, Moonshot drinks by Constellation Cannabis are Samantha’s favorite edibles this February because “the body high is as good as it gets.” Made with nano emulsified hash rosin for a quality high with fast results, Moonshots come in a variety of fruity flavors and pack a punch! It’s also worth noting that “the black cherry flavor is new and delicious.”


Noni’s Pick: Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet by Cormorant

Those of us who work in cannabis dispensaries are not always content with off-the-shelf edibles, so we’ll sometimes find creative ways to consume them (like mixing Wedding Cake flavored Slurrped syrup with cream soda, or floating vanilla ice cream in a glass of Mary Jones’ root beer, or freezing SipCool Shotz into infused popsicles). Noni’s creative edible creation for February is to combine Cormorant’s Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet with Sprite and juice for “a quick cold punch.”


Sondra’s Pick: Berry Lemonade Soda by Mary Jones

One of the most exciting new beverages to hit Washington dispensaries in the last few months is the much anticipated line of infused drinks by Jones Soda Co., and they definitely do not disappoint! Sondra’s favorite flavor (as well as mine) is their sweet & tart Berry Lemonade soda: “I really enjoyed the high and felt like it was heavier than other drinks.” If you haven’t experienced Mary Jones sodas yet, do yourself a favor and pick up a can or two.


Topical & Lubricant Budtender Picks

For obvious reasons, it seems that interest in cannabis infused lubricant spikes every year around Valentine’s Day. Here’s a lube recommendation for February, plus another topical pick for any aches you might have.


Samantha’s Pick: O Lube by Fairwinds

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s a great time to experiment with cannabis infused lubricants if you haven’t before. If you read our January Budtender Picks, you already know that Samantha knows how to have fun with her topicals, and her enthusiastic recommendation for February is O Lube by Fairwinds, simply stating it’s the “best lube we carry.” O Lube is silicone based and safe to use with latex. If you’d like to learn more about infused lubricants, check out our article called “Sexy Times With Weed” (publishes on February 14th).


Noni’s Pick: 1:1 Soothing Gel by Double Delicious

We have so many great topical options available to us that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Thankfully Noni has a lot of experience with the various topical options and always has great recommendations. This month she suggests 1:1 Soothing Gel by Double Delicious for its “deep relief that’s not oily,” and because it “also works for headaches!”

Those are all of our product picks for February 2024. Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you at 210 Cannabis Co. soon!


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Ramsey Doudar has continuously worked in Washington’s cannabis industry for over 10 years, holding various positions that ranged from marketing strategist to inventory manager. He serves as the Marketing & Communications Coordinator for 210 Cannabis Co, and is also the founding member of a cannabis consumer advocacy group.

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