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Do you have any tips for using vape cartridges?

Yes, we do! Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite cannabis PSA series: You Gon’ Learn Today!

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Leaving your vape in a hot car or direct sunlight can degrade terpenes, resulting in less flavor. A hot environment can also cause a cartridge to leak.

Cold temperatures cause oil to thicken. Rub your cartridge between your hands to warm your cartridge up before hitting it.

Avoid leaving your vape in a hot car, cold car, or a fridge. Always store your vapes at room temperature.

210 Cannabis Co’s batteries have a pre-heat function; click the button twice to activate.

Flavored vapes make you cough more than a live resin or solventless vape would.

Tips for Using Vapes in Hot Weather

Tips for Using Vapes in Cold Weather

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