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FAQs > Products > Using Prerolls

Do you have any tips for using prerolls?

Yes, we do! Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite cannabis PSA series: You Gon’ Learn Today!

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Before you light a preroll, take a “dry hit” (inhale the unlit preroll) to determine if it has adequate airflow. Sometimes prerolls are packed too tightly, making them difficult to smoke. If your preroll is packed too tight, try rubbing it between your palms to loosen up the ground up flower inside. You can also try rolling a preroll between your index finger and your thumb to loosen up tight spots.

Some people like to take a couple of puffs from a joint then extinguish it and save the rest for later. If this is something you like to do, we suggest you use a cigar cutter to remove the burnt part, that way your joint will have a much better flavor when you re-light it.

If you want to add potency to a preroll, pick up a Smacked Terp Paintbrush and brush the outside of your preroll with it.

If you want to add potency to your own joints, try brushing the inside of your rolling paper with a Smacked Terp Paintbrush before you put your weed on it, or consider adding kief or very small pieces of hash to the joint before you seal it.

You Gon' Learn Today: Prerolls

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