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Do you have any tips for using edibles?

Yes, we sure do! Check out our detailed article on How to Optimize Your Edibles Experience, or scroll down for some bite-sized tips in everyone’s favorite cannabis PSA series: You Gon’ Learn Today!

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THC binds to fat, so have a snack before you take an edible so that it has fat to bind to.

Eating a meal before an edible could help to reduce your munchie cravings.

If you’re less experienced with edibles, start with a low dose (10mg or less) and wait 2 hours to see how it affects you.

Don’t consume edibles with alcohol: it can lead to nausea, dizziness, and an uncomfortable experience.

Edibles may not be the best choice for social situations. Keep this in mind and know your limits.

You Gon Learn Today: Using Edibles

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