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How far is 210 Cannabis Co from Seattle?

210 Cannabis Co is located on Stillaguamish trust lands near Arlington, Washington, which depending on traffic is about a 40 to 60 minute drive north of Seattle. Some of our employees live in Seattle and make the commute to the reservation every day, and they can attest that the drive is not only easy but rather scenic.

There are lots of great dispensaries in Seattle proper, but there are plenty of reasons why a Seattle resident or a tourist might want to make the trip to Arlington:

  • 210 Cannabis Co is the only place in the state that carries 210 prerolls, which we confidently refer to as the best $2.10 you’ll ever spend
  • Our dispensary is right down the road from Angel of the Winds Casino Resort, which features a state of the art bowling alley and great restaurants like 210 Brewing Co (Washington’s first tribal owned brewery)
  • We’re super close to all kinds of natural beauty including the Three Fingers mountain, the Stillaguamish River, and lots of hiking and biking trails
  • 210 Cannabis Co is next door to River Rock Tobacco & Fuel, so you can pick up discount blunt wraps, bomb fried chicken, and the cheapest gas in the state

Simply put, the trip to Arlington is worth it for the fresh air, fresh weed, cheap gas, and the overall great experience. If you need a break from Seattle life—which you definitely do, if you’re being honest with yourself—come out and see us!

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