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What’s the difference between distillate and live resin?

Distillate is produced by distilling hydrocarbon extracts into a translucent oil that can contain 90% THC. Unless the extractor adds terpenes back to it, distillate does not inherently contain any terpenes, so it doesn’t have much of a flavor, and the effect is more predictably “hybrid” than having an indica or sativa effect.

Live resin is a hydrocarbon extract that is made from cannabis plants that were frozen immediately after being harvested. Though there are many forms of concentrates that each tout their own benefits, live resin is widely considered by dabbers to be the gold standard when it comes to preserving the full flavor and effects of the strain.

Though distillate is more potent in terms of THC concentration, the effects of live resin have more “character” and last longer by comparison. If you like to use vape cartridges or disposables, you’ll likely find that the high from live resin is preferable, though distillate is more affordable and often comes in [artificial] flavors.

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