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Where can I consume cannabis in Washington?

According to Washington state law, the only place that one can legally consume cannabis is in a private residence, either one that they own or where the homeowner has given explicit permission to consume. Unofficially, it’s common practice for Washington cannabis users to discreetly consume in places where they are not visible to the general public.

A representative from the the Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission recently clarified that the recreational consumption of cannabis is OK in state parks, but ONLY if you’re inside a tent or RV. Medical cannabis patients can openly consume their medicine in state parks, but only if they’re out of view, and they’ll need to keep their medical documentation handy in case a ranger catches them.

We cannot and do not endorse the public consumption of cannabis, and we encourage all of our customers to consume their products safely, responsibly, discreetly, and far from anyone under the age of 21. Never operate a vehicle under the influence of cannabis.

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