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How does a tribal owned dispensary differ from other Washington dispensaries?

For the most part, a tribal owned dispensary [within the borders of Washington state] operates very similarly to state licensed I502 dispensaries, and local consumers will find all of the Washington cannabis brands that they know and love. However, there are many subtle but important differences between tribal owned dispensaries and state licensed dispensaries.


No excise tax

When it comes to taxation, our marijuana compact with Washington mandates that they cannot collect excise taxes from our cannabis sales, but our tribal tax must be “at least 100%” of the state’s excise taxes on cannabis (currently about 37%). Instead of going to the state, that tribal tax goes right back to the Stillaguamish tribal government to be directly reinvested into their communities (not just the reservation and trust lands, but the greater Arlington area and Snohomish County as well).


Exclusive white label products

Another benefit to mention is that certain marketing regulations do not apply to tribal dispensaries; whereas state licensed dispensaries are forbidden from white labeling cannabis products (working with a licensed cannabis producer to put the shop’s branding on their products, or having that producer make custom products for the retailer), we can do that, and we already have!

Our 210 prerolls are made with full flower, weigh 1 gram each, and sell for $2.10 every day (while supplies last, limit 28 per person per day). We have plans for more 210 cannabis products in the future, so keep an eye out for those!

LEARN MORE: 210 Prerolls: Crafting Affordable Excellence.



While it’s illegal for a state-licensed dispensary to even give away a book of matches, tribal owned dispensaries are at liberty to give out prizes and products. Here at 210 Cannabis Co we can (and do) give out TVs and other cool prizes in our seasonal raffles, plus our loyalty members are able to redeem points for a free 210 preroll or a free Constellation gummy. We do have a limit of one free preroll and one free gummy per customer per day.

You’ll be hard pressed to find another Washington dispensary that gives out free weed.


Events with cannabis consumption

Lastly, another major difference between tribal owned dispensaries and state-licensed dispensaries is that tribal owned dispensaries can have events with on-site cannabis consumption. That doesn’t mean you can spark up in our shop, but it does mean that our seasonal events are that much more fun to attend. Don’t miss our 420 Party this year!

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